Young at heart: understanding the dynamics of youth readership

Today’s children represent tomorrow’s readers and as such they are vital to the publishing industry. The importance of bringing them to the brand early is recognised by many newspaper and magazine publishers. What’s more they represent an attractive audience for many advertisers with their own purchasing power and future potential for many different brands. In today’s marketplace there is increasing focus on not just the teenagers but those in the younger age bands with terms such as “tweenagers� and “tweenies� springing up to describe those in the 7-12 year age group. In Britain and many other Western countries over the past decade the marketing industry has spent ever more attention on young people. Changes in social make-up, as parents become older and dual income households grow, mean that these kids have increased disposable income of their own as well as a significant influence on a range of items bought for them and their households. Just take a look at the growth of the mobile phone market as illustration

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