Will tomorrow’s adult reject print media altogether?

I am 32 years old. I love reading – newspapers, magazines, books. But my reading habits have changed over the last year or so. Until about a year ago, my print media consumption went something like this: I’d buy a newspaper 2 or 3 times during the week and usually on a Sunday. I’d also buy magazines, usually a woman’s glossy, a film title and a cookery one, reflecting my interests in life. I read the newspapers on the train on the way to work, my way of catching up with the news and maybe if the train was delayed I’d get to read one or more of the features. Magazines were read for relaxation and to get the latest film reviews or to know what recipe to use when my friends came round to dinner. But things have changed; I buy a newspaper perhaps once during the week and still on Sundays. I catch up with the news via the electronic version of the newspaper when I get into work. I am comfortable with the Internet so it is natural for me to use it as a source for news and information. I occasionally glance at the film reviews online but I do still buy my magazines. They don’t go out of date as quickly as newspapers, and I can pick them up several times before the next one comes out, when I have a few minutes in my busy schedule.

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