Who we are

The Publishing and Data Research Forum (PDRF) is devoted to best practice and innovation in measuring newsbrand and magazine audiences around the world. Increasingly this involves utilising all available data to demonstrate to advertisers the size of digital and print audiences and value of publishers’ content across all platforms.

We share knowledge by means of a biennial symposium: the next one is scheduled for October 2017 in Madrid. Between symposia, our website www.pdrf.net is a resource of past papers and experience from around the world for our community of advertisers, agencies, publishers, industry bodies and research and software providers.

Formerly known as the Publishing and Data Research Forum, the PDRF is the place to find knowledge and inspiration: speakers often report back on how they have used and developed ideas they got from previous symposia.

At our last Symposium in London key topics covered were:

  • Changing definitions of audience
  • Cross-platform print and digital measurement
  • The evolution of passive measurement and how it stacks up against survey data
  • How best to represent duplication of reading between platforms
  • The many definitions of reader engagement
  • Opportunities offered by eye tracking and neuroscience
  • Realising the value of first-party data
  • Publisher work to harness and improve programmatic targeting

You will find papers on all of these in the archive (link to past paper page) on our website, including updates from the countries introducing new audience measurement systems, such as Canada and the UK. You will also find our prizewinning papers on topics as diverse as: using neuroscience to understand reading and responses to advertising on tablets; ad latency for media planning; programmatic for print; and complementary planning in print and digital.

The website also hosts the PDRF’s popular review of audience measurement worldwide, which highlights what’s new and records the various methods of audience measurement. Last conducted in the summer of 2015, this covers 103 general population readership surveys in 78 different countries and 58 specialist audience surveys: Recent developments around the world include:

  • A growing number of surveys introducing a brand-first approach
  • The measurement of digital editions
  • Focus on the improvement of inputs for data integration of digital audience data

An easy to use database on the website gives more detail on each of those 103 surveys so users can contrast and compare the different methods and techniques.

Planning is already well underway for the symposium in Madrid on 14-17 October 2017. We hope to see you there.



Dawn Mitchell


Scott McDonald


Jennie Beck – Kantar Media

Andrew Green – Ipsos Connect

Steering Committee:

Peter Callius – TNS Sifo (Sweden)

Josh Chasin – ComScore (USA)

Jim Collins – GfK MRI (USA)

Caryn Klein – Time Inc. (USA)

Katherine Page – PAMCo (UK)

Irena Petric – NOM (The Netherlands)

Lynne Robinson – Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK)

Kate Sirkin – Starcom MediaVest Group (USA)

Symposium Secretariat:
Contact – Katrina Littleton
Tel: +44(0) 7881 818 351
Email: katrina@pdrf.net
Address: Katrina Littleton, 54 Altenburg Gardens, London, SW11 1JL, UK