When late left beats early right

When OMD was established in Hong Kong in early 1998, one of the challenges was to look at established media and try to find answers to the questions which clients were asking. Media research is frequently highly focused on issues which, while important, are far from top of mind for clients. A recurring question among our clients was a simple one: “How do you support your recommendations on which pages or sections I should advertise in?â€? Beyond general media observations, the answers were surprisingly difficult to come by. While there was some section readership information available in the ACNielsen Media Index, this was not extensive and it focused on the “usually” word that may conceal real answers within averages of normal behaviour. We decided to combine two components of print research which have already been developed. The first element was “noting and reading ” and the second a battery of quality of reading questions. To do both properly, we limited coverage of titles and focused our research on the publications where our clients spent the most money.

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