What’s new pussycat? cati, capi and casi : or what else?

The Netherlands have a special position in the world of national readership surveys, but this may change in the near future. The current CATI-operated SummoScanner is faced with several problems. It is obvious that the danger of title confusion is greater in telephone interviews than would be the case in face-to-face interviews where distinctive mastheads can be shown. This weak point has so far been taken for granted, because CATI combined with random digit dialling offers the possibility of readership research with large probability samples at relatively low costs. In the course of time new problems have shown up. The response rate has decreased dramatically, while at the same time the length of the interview is increasing, due to the necessity of measuring more titles. About two years ago a task force started to look for alternative datacollection methods, that could handle more titles.

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