The war project. A small step up the ARF media research ladder, a giant step forward in magazine planning

The ARF media research model encourages media owners and researchers to take the step from vehicle reach to advertising reach. Up until now, magazine researchers failed to really answer the needs of advertisers and planners. Vehicle reach is not an estimate of the opportunity to see a page. In addition, AIR does not allow for the calculation of the weekly reach of a magazine plan. These limitations prompted us to look for a solution that would take reach data for magazines a step higher on the ARF ‘ladder’ and improve the way magazines are planned. The result is the WAR project. WAR stands for “Weekly Average page Reach� and combines “velocity� or “audience accumulation� measures and “page exposure� on an individual, informant level. This paper reports on the commercial and research background of the project, desk research and research design and response rates and concludes with the feasibility of the methodology.

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