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At the Venice Readership Research Symposium Steve Douglas gave us a hand-out about advertising accountability. Several lessons could be learned from this interesting copy. The main message was: advertising effect studies are difficult. And a simple pre/post measurement (the most chosen tool by researchers) is inadequate for two reasons: (1) an up-tick in attitudes or brand ratings may have had nothing to do with the advertising (2) the chicken or the egg problem arises if the ‘campaign aware’ group has more positive attitudes or brand ratings than the ‘not-aware’ group. It may be that positive attitudes toward the subject of the campaign or the brand increase advertising awareness. There was a cry for support for better designs at the end of the hand-out. At this symposium in Boston we want to present an efficient solution that avoids the classic pitfalls of advertising effect studies. Efficiency was realised by incorporating the study in the Dutch National Readership Survey.

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