The choice of readership model: now and in the future

This contribution is broadly concerned with current methods of measuring print readership and possible developments over the next few years. Developments in print media research are difficult to predict. The problem is not simply that of not knowing what new technologies will become available, or even how technologies such as the internet may have an impact on the nature and economics of print media generally. There is an additional factor: namely, that changes are dependent on their acceptance by publishers, media buyers and advertisers. In the past there have been occasions when the decisions of these important players have puzzled some media researchers.
Some reluctance to change is understandable. Consistency of data over time is preferred by both buyers and sellers. However, increasing demands for more media-market data, new types of publication, and mounting pressure on existing survey methods, may mean that changes in data collection method and the media measurement model will be considered for some media surveys during the next few years.

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