The capi double screen questionnaire in the french nrs: from clay model to practice

The AEPM survey is conducted face to face, in interviewee’s home. Each year, 20.000 individuals are selected on a quota method to answer the French Magazine Readership questionnaire.
Since January 99, this survey applies several amendment which were tested during the last two years.
In the previous World-wide Readership Symposium at Vancouver, Ipsos presented details of the Capi Double Screen methodology, in terms of hardware equipment, but also software developments .
Many of those developments allowed to enhance security, homogeneity and equability between titles in such a complex questionnaire. After one more year of test, we can now show you in real condition, how this new survey is carried out. The most powerful explanations are figured in a 10 minute film broadcast during the Florence Symposium. This paper is made of images from this film, showing both interviewer and respondent computer screen, but also picture of an interview.

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