Successfully measuring media brand consumption

A good five years after all of the Internet hype at the turn of the millenium and the subsequent loss of the new media’s mystique, many publishers have again begun noticeably boosting their Internet activities.1 At the heart of the leading publishers’ push to
expand their presence on the Web are a number of media brands originally from the print sector that have been cultivated for
decades. These offline brands are intended to act as a beacon, attracting Internet users as well. Hence, the Axel Springer
publishing house is placing its stakes on transferring existing magazine and newspaper brands to the Internet (“Online first”).
The managers of the Gruner + Jahr publishing house are developing new media versions of their brands under the motto,
“Expand your brand.” Hubert Burda Media intends to put more effort into creating online communities, envisioned as
“communities of persons who gather around strong media brands just like they used to gather around the campfire.” Not only do
the major media brands serve as the basis for line extensions in their particular genres, they are also multimedia brands that are
present on a wide variety of different platforms.

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