Return to spender: magazines sales uplift & return on investment

In 2004 the UK’s National Readership Survey published readership accumulation data, a breakthrough for the NRS (1). This prompted the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) – the UK’s professional body for magazine publishers – to commission an analysis of the TNS household shopping panel Superpanel in order to obtain fresh evidence on magazine advertising effectiveness. In particular, the PPA wished to use the new accumulation data for distributing across time, week by week, the exposures generated by each magazine insertion, so that exposures could be related more accurately to purchases.
The resulting project is called ‘Magazines Uncovered’, and in published form it consists of three brochures: ‘Sales Uncovered’, ‘Planning Uncovered’ and ‘Communication Uncovered’ (2). This paper focuses mainly on the hard data shown in ‘Sales Uncovered’.

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