Research strategies in fragmented media markets

The advertising industry needs planning data, which accurately reflects market conditions. What corporate marketing departments and their agencies would like best is “the totally transparent consumers�. Thankfully we have not yet reached this state of affairs and there are many reasons apart from those of market research ethics for not wanting to view people in this way. However, advertisers are right to ask whether media penetration data obtained from conventional surveys is sufficiently valid. Media agencies also require more precise figures for the print medium, given that other types of media, such as TV and Online, provide technical penetration data. The fact that errors may occur in data collection is not particularly significant for advertisers, since penetration can be checked and corrected on an ongoing basis, while it is extremely difficult to identify and correct the numerous so-called distortion variables in surveys in the same way. In addition to this, the costs involved simply do not make sense in terms of research economics.

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