Real cross media planning for television and magazines

The role of media research has traditionally been to provide a trading ‘currency’ between buyer and seller. Since the selling and
buying of different media types has essentially taken place independently this has led, for both technical and political (funding)
reasons, to quite different research approaches particularly between print and audio-visual media. It is popular to describe media
research as taking place in ‘silos’ using different research techniques and measurement standards.
The media highway is changing dramatically with ever increasing media fragmentation and new media. Media owners,
particularly through their Internet site links with their print or TV content now offer a cross-media audience delivery. They begin
to see the commercial need for cross media data and evaluation. Advertisers increasingly demand a better assessment of their
return on their cross media advertising investment. Cross media evaluation is becoming a more serious consideration for media
owners (who primarily fund media research) as well advertisers and their agencies.


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