Readership research in greece: a new perspective

Some facts and figures about Greece: the 2001 National census reported a total population of almost 11 million, of which almost half live in Athens and Salonica. Greece entered the European Union in 1981, joined the European Monetary Union in 2000, and started using the Euro in January 2002. By the end of 2002, a large drop in consumers’ purchasing power has been noted, especially among the middle and lower classes. In 1998-99, the Greek stock market had reached an extreme peak, creating a new class of “easy-rich� people, yet this “crazy� rise was followed by a destructive downward shift in 2000, causing a lot of unaware middle class people great losses; however, Greece is currently preparing for the 2004 Olympics in Athens and for the 2004 government elections, and this, still prevents Greeks from experiencing the general heavier economic crisis.

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