Print media internet portals: a boon or bust for print media consumption?

Early Internet users were also far above-average consumers of print media, a finding that was certainly partly, but by no means exclusively, attributable to their higher social class. Given the continually growing share of Internet users, however, we must ask whether Internet newcomers are still as favorably inclined towards the print media and reading in general as early Internet users once were. This paper examines this question using data from the Allensbach Media Market Analysis (AWA) and the Allensbach Computer and Tele¬communi¬ca¬tions Analysis (ACTA), which are two broadly based studies com¬prising about 20,000 and, respectively, 10,000 interviews annually. Moreover, the paper includes findings from special face-to-face panel surveys conducted from 1998 to 2000 that allow us to compare relatively early Internet users to those who began using the Internet at a later point in time.

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