Pressedge optimising ad positioning in print media – revised

The PressEdge as an instrument of revised media planning was first carried out in 2001/2002. The current study, which will be introduced in the following article, is configured as a follow-up of the first part. The terms for media planning, especially in print, were not basically altered during the last years. Whereas the instruments of media planning are continuously being refined, global performance values are still going to be supplemented and partially replaced by detailed planning according to target groups which considers interests, attitudes and conditions in addition to demographic and consumption characteristics. In the course of time especially demographics are becoming more and more poor substitutes for media planning realigning on new environmental variables such as interests, expressed by preferred music colours, above-average use of specific TV-programs and – in the print media- editorial contents. The editorial environment is logically considered to be highly important during the planning process.

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