Portfolio reach – a new metric for print and online brands

Northcliffe Media publishes 135 daily, weekly and specialist publications and has 33 associated websites (NS August 2007).
This business generates £330m of local & national ad revenue annually. To support the commercial revenues of the company,
Northcliffe invests considerable sums in high-quality research, the flagship project being its all-title readership study, conducted
every two-three years.
For many years, the value of this study has been maximised by the introduction of strategic planning elements to the survey
(analysis of communities of interest, segmentation by commitment to local media brands, geo-demographic planning data, local
attachment cluster analysis and tracking of other media/platform use). These have played an important part in the development
of the Northcliffe Group and one important deliverable in this process is the detailed strategic insight gained from the readership
research and presented locally (35 versions!) and centrally.
For many years, this research has been conducted by TNS Media and they were commissioned in 2005 to conduct the most
recent readership survey.

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