Multibasing sm – data integration without regression to the mean

It is a post-modern world. Markets and media are fragmenting into lifestyle and psychographic niches with fewer distinguishing demographic characteristics. As this happens, the traditional practice of defining advertising target groups in terms of demographics becomes increasingly untenable. Fragmentation also means of course that it is harder to achieve advertising goals. So, advertisers and their agencies must look more closely for synergies and efficiencies not only within campaigns employing a more diverse media mix, but also across different marketing programmes for the brand. And this demands a sophisticated level of integration in media planning.
Integrated planning requires ‘currency’ audience levels for separately measured media to be available for marketing target groups – i.e. users of products, services and brands, people displaying particular behaviours, lifestyles and attitudes, and so on. So, how can accurate ratings for TV and other media be obtained for product usage groups and so on when the audience measurement systems (apart from Print) capture little more than demographics?

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