Media research in africa, today and tomorrow

Although Media Audience Research in South Africa started with a radio survey that was done in 1948, readership research in South Africa really only started in 1962 with the first National Readership Survey (NRS).
Right from the outset an All Media and Products approach was followed and this later became the SAARF All Media and Products Survey (AMPS). Unfortunately, no details of the questionnaire and methodology could be obtained, as only the printed report could be found that showed limited cross tabulations of readership against demographics and limited general information on housing, access to services (electricity, water, telephone) and ownership of radio sets and cars. The NRS was repeated in 1967 and again in 1972. Both these surveys used a 3-month filter for all publications and shuffle cards. The Average issue readership or AIR was calculated as reading in issue period using just recency of reading.

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