Media experience and advertising experience: Application of a multi-media research tool

Multi-media strategies are high on the agenda in the media and advertising world. Abundance, fragmentation and multi-tasking are explaining factors. To reach the consumer a multi-media strategy is necessary. But a general complaint is that there is a lack of adequate multi-media research tools. The Dutch Media Experience Monitor that is described in this paper is developed to offer such a tool. Media experience data of 8 media are available. The crucial point in our approach is that we do not measure attitudes towards media (e.g. ‘the magazine x is …..’) but concentrate upon the experience a media consumer has at a specific media consumption moment, such as yesterday’s reading of a specific newspaper. Eight different experience dimensions are found. In the paper we describe the empirical results of the last measurement and compare these with results from 6 years before to detect trends. There is also attention to the relation between media experience and advertising experience, cumulation of media use and implications for daily planning practice.

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