Issue specific estimation – mathematical and statistical

In recent years the need for timely issue specific audience estimates has become more pressing. The fact that print has relied on and provided only average issue audience is often viewed as detrimental to the full integration of print in the media planning and evaluation process.

In early 2006 MRI began a continuous online survey of approximately 2,500 web-based interviews per week in order to gather information to be used in producing estimates of individual issue audience approximately 6-8 weeks (in the case of weeklies) and 12-16 weeks (in the case of monthlies) after the “on-sale” date. A full description of the survey system, the sampling system, the questionnaire and the survey results are covered in a companion paper. This paper’s focus is the basic mathematical, statistical and inferential issues, procedures and models that are being used to transform survey results into actual issue specific audience estimates.


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