Interviewing with mobile technology for gaining higher response rate

Market research is facing decreasing of response rates. Researchers have to be creative and inventive in using alternative methods of data gathering. Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia believes that willingness of respondents to co-operate in surveys is dropping. But this is not easy to prove; the only available data are co-operation rates. It is believed that with great efforts, that cause a lot of extra costs, we can almost stop this. In the following paper we will present a possibility how to influence the response rate among specific target groups. Our experience shows target groups that are not willing to co-operate in telephone surveys are mainly young and middle-aged business group and sometimes the oldest population. We will focus on the young population. Nowadays we can discover a new culture among the young, urban affluents and professionals who are building their own social networks according to their own perspective and experience. Although getting older they will continue with their lifestyle and their demographics will change. And market researchers could reach them only in the way that fits the target groups, e.g. their perspective. Our opinion is that mobile technology will allow researching those people on the individual basis; when and how they want.

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