Getting print in the mix: marketing mix and media planning

Innovation in media has been moving at a pace that even the best intentioned and most attentive among us are having trouble keeping up with. This includes consumers, marketers and researchers. There are more targeted sources of information and entertainment and an increasing array of platforms on which to get them. While technology has seemingly been a boon to consumers, allowing for all forms of personalization, it has had a disorienting effect on marketers trying to reach these increasingly empowered consumers. This situation has created economic challenges for marketers since, while communication channels have proliferated, media budgets have not grown at a commensurate rate. The result is an increasing need on the part of media sellers to demonstrate the efficacy of their medium and the return-on-investment (ROI) of advertising dollars. Unfortunately, for the most part, available media tools are not up to the demands being placed on them.

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