Experience with ad hoc panels to measure advertising effectiveness

Gruner + Jahr has already had two ad hoc panels for measuring advertising effectiveness. The first was in 1999/2000 for fast-moving consumer goods. At that time, Gruner + Jahr mainly collaborated with Unilever Deutschland. 1,000 women were interviewed three times at intervals of 3 months. The results were published in four case studies in May 2001:
– the launch of the Langnese ice-cream Cremissimo as “best caseâ€?, as it were.
– brand support and consolidation of the premium ice-cream brand Magnum with a print and TV media mix for the campaign.
– the thoroughgoing introduction of a new, particularly healthy deep-freeze product
– the diversification and broadening of the cosmetics brand Dove to the point of a powerful umbrella brand. In the various cases, the print medium, i.e. consumer magazines, also turned out to be a basic medium in different functions. When Cremissimo was introduced, a print/mono campaign laid the foundations, followed by exposure on TV to develop and emotionalise the brand. In this context, print conveyed primarily product-oriented messages and contributed greatly to enhancing brand liking and willingness to purchase (Figure 1 and 2). Following this, TV focussed on awareness of advertising and brand. In addition to this, print had the task of reaching a specific, particularly consumption-oriented, target group.

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