Daily reach for dailies – it all started with a phone call

The caller turns out to be a client working for one of the major Swedish newspaper publishers. He explains that they are experiencing commercial pressure from advertisers and media agencies to deliver daily reach figures. Our researcher at this point feels the need to explain to the client that he already has an abundance of data available and that it most probably is not the data but the usage of the data that is a problem. The client sighs and admits that he is very much aware of that he today has two major data sources which he can use. The first source obviously, he says, is the NRS, which also works as the local TGI and cross media study. (The NRS consists of three yearly postal waves and achieving a yearly sample of approximately 50 000 respondents). Secondly, he continues, he uses MediaPuls. (A day after recall telephone (DAR) study, which covers dailies and evening papers and achieves a yearly sample of approximately 30 000 respondents). The researcher says that in that case he does not quite get it. He reminds the client that the NRS is also a huge target group study, which three times a year offers media and advertisers a planning foundation where they can recreate their own carefully selected target groups and secondly, using Mediapuls, the day after recall study they can show “fast� changes in readership. Not that there really are any fast changes, the researcher continues.

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