Breakthrough in newspaper section research in the netherlands

Pavarotti’s concert in the Royal Albert Hall was already sold out for a couple of months. The Henderson family was so happy they made a reservation one year up front. They got confirmation from the Box Office for two places at the first row, right in front of the stage. They also received confirmation of their payment of the tickets: 350 pounds each. One week before the concert the Henderson’s went to the Box Office to collect their tickets. After looking up their reservation the lady of the Box Office told them to be very sorry: they made a double reservation. She offered the Henderson’s two places at row 29. For the same price, 350 pounds each! Can you imagine the feelings of the Henderson’s? Those same feelings advertisers and media agencies in the Netherlands, and probably in many other countries, have about rates they pay for advertising space in newspapers. For a place at row 29, or page 6 of section 9 of the Saturday edition, they pay the same rate as for a place at row 1, or page 2 of section 1. Fair or not fair? That depends!

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