Aim, advertising impact measure

Starting in 1999, The International Herald Tribune launched AIM, the Advertising Impact Measure. AIM stands for a series of studies measuring the quality of reading of international newspapers and magazines. The measures are linked to the major international surveys measuring print audiences for the pan-European market, i.e. the European Media & Marketing Survey (EMS) and the European Businessmen Readership Survey (EBRS) and also to the Asian Businessmen Readership Survey (ABRS) for the Far East & Pacific region. To go beyond the currency of Average Issue Readership, enhancing readership research with additional measures reflecting (differences in) opportunities to see advertisements, is a much-debated topic in all Readership Symposia so far. Despite the considerable amount of effort and money that has been spent in developing and validating such measures the emergence of an accepted standard seems even less likely then it is for the AIR currency. Nevertheless the demand from advertisers and agencies for more relevant print measures for media planning and buying will not diminish, since evidently print is lagging far behind in this respect compared to TV, Radio and Internet.

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