Advertising-adverteasing-advertiring? what sort of roi can you expect from print advertising … unless your ad performs?

In order to determine how to create an effective advertising campaign decision makers in the industry use a range of measures to try to predict the outcome of the campaign. Those who make decisions each year about where to place billions of dollars in advertising have focussed in the past primarily on audience or ‘opportunity-to-see’ measures – the task being to create the chance that the target audience will see the advertisement with the assumption that everything else will run its course. Audience reach measures have been used to determine how many people see the advertising and how often. Measurement systems exist across the globe that determine how many people in total read certain magazines and newspapers, watch TV programs, listen to radio stations, etc.
At Roy Morgan International we have been measuring newspaper and magazine readership since the early 1970s, and television viewing and radio listening since the 1980s in Australia, and for the last decade in countries outside of Australia including New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom and more recently Indonesia. The estimates accurately measure the relativities between different print media – newspapers, newspaper inserted magazines and magazines as well as between other media – TV, radio, Internet, direct mail, etc. All Roy Morgan magazine readership measures are validated against the ‘gold standard’ through-the-book specific issue method.

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