“Absorbing media” and “media-dna”: consumer-centric approaches

Media expansion, as we all know, is here and growing by the day. This plethora of choice is changing the way media are approached and consumed. Today, we’re in a “pick-and-mix� world where consumers choose media according to their attitudes, lifestyles and special interests. Consumer magazines, newspapers, television, radio and the internet are complementary media which people can and do use in any combination which suits them. As the Henley Centre has shown, consumers don’t have time to make use of the vast amount of media now on offer, but instead discriminate more. This discrimination, in turn, means that media owners, advertisers and agencies must present increasingly personalised products, services and messages. In this new media world, understanding consumer attitudes is paramount. Clients need to ensure that their advertising messages are placed in front of their target audience at the best possible time; and that the advertising is relevant to the individual’s interest or lifestyle. It is then more likely to get noticed and acted upon. Planners need to fully exploit the potential of each communication channel.

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